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Why Dunes?

I was inspired by the Saharan desert in Morocco, where I grew up. Similar to what you experience through coaching and hypnosis:

  • Sand dunes are perpetually in motion.
  • When you look into the distance, you see that the horizon changes as you progress through the shifting sand.
  • Climbing up a sand dune is an effort, but once you arrive at the top, you open up new perspectives.
  • When taking your time to sit on a dune, you realise how calm and appeased you feel. Observing the soft contours of the dunes is conducive to reflection.
  • Rolling down a sand dune is a lot of fun and helps you let go!
  • Spending the night in the desert with a clear sky, you have a field of vision of 360°. You take a step back and see things as a whole.
  • Travelling across the dunes you start out on a journey, an adventure towards the unknown and engage in a process of change.
  • During this journey you access your own resources and discover the treasure hidden within you.

Be the change you want to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi